About BioLinX

BioLinX supports participants in FP7 and H2020 projects to commercialize their innovative ideas, and to connect them to knowledge, regional networks, new partners and funding opportunities. Our unique Innovation Support Programma helps you in finding the missing link in your value chain in order to:

  • increase the Technology Readiness Level of your innovation
  • decrease the time to market

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We consider existing European projects as our starting point to identify potential innovation opportunities. We scout, screen and select the opportunities and jointly define the best possible support mechanism. We apply a narrow focus on feedstock, process and product (based on agro & forestry residues) because it is our strong belief that this will enhance the possibility to find relevant (new) partners, to add relevant intelligence and point towards relevant markets. Parts of the support programme are also open to entrepreneurs working on biobased innovations.

The BioLinX Innovation Linking & Support Programme contains:

  1. Providing access to new partners and networks: Join our Partnering and Intelligence Platform and find the missing link in your value chain and participate in the regional events BioLinX is organizing.
  2. Entrepreneurial training: Get additional information on many themes like Intellectual Property, Venture Capital and Grants by following our online trainings & webinars.
  3. Financial events: Meet a broad range of (VC) investors and also gain insight into public funding. BioLinX will organize financial events in Netherlands, Sweden and Italy.
  4. Providing access to knowledge and intelligence: Get unique insights, browse through our Partnering and Intelligence Platform where you can find, among other things, relevant scientific articles and patents. Identify potential partners.
  5. Guided incubation process: Meet new potential partners to cooperate with (business/grant) and drive you innovation to market.

The 8 partners involved in BioLinX are leading in systemic innovation management and cluster acceleration practices. They are front-runners in the bioeconomies of the Southwest Netherlands, the Nordic Countries and Italy.