Advisory Board

The External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) supports the BioLinX project. The EEAB comprises a high-level international panel of (regional) experts representing institutions, research and business interests, drawn from the three regions,  spanning the whole range of interests and knowledge of the bioeconomy in the EU.

The EEAB adds oversight and expertise to the BioLinX project by providing an additional form of quality control, advice and validation of the vision, risk and outcomes.


Mr. Dirk Carrez (Belgium)
Founder and Managing Director of Clever Consult, he holds a PhD in Agricultural Sciences. He holds various positions related to the development of the biotechnology industry and biobased industry (OECD, Biobased Industries Consortium).

Mr. Gunter Festel (Switzerland)
Founder and CEO of the investment firm Festel Capital. He has co-founded, as founding angel, various biotechnology start-ups in Germany and Switserland. He is a lecturer and heads a scientific working group focused on start-ups / spin-offs at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.

Ms. Joanna Dupont Inglis (Belgium)
Director for Industrial Biotechnology at EuropaBio. EuropaBio is the European Association for Bioindustries and was created in 1996. The mission of EuropaBio is to create an innovative and dynamic biotechnology-based industry in Europe.

Mr. Lars Josefsson (Sweden)
Chairman of the Board at INOVYN (formerly known as Ineos), Sweden, professor at Chalmers University, representative of West Swedish Chemical Cluster / Business region Gothenburg.

Mr. Leon Joore (The Netherlands)
Owner and founder of Millvision (SME). Millvison focuses on innovation in pulp proces technology. The company has received mutliple awards and nominations, e.g. Winner Holland Innovation Prices 2005 sector PROCES. In 2015 Millvision established the Natural Fibre Application Center.


Mr. Sandro Cobror (Italy)
Head of Public Affaris in Biochemtex (part of MossiGhisolfi Group). Has 25 years experience in the field of research, polymer chemistry and biofuels. Mr. Cobror is also member of the Steering Commitee of the EU Biofuels Technology Platform, member of the EU Biofuels Flightpath initiative, VP of the National Renewable Resources Group (Federchimica - Italy), VP of the National Bioplastics Association, past-Chairman of the EU Sustainable Biofuels Forum.

Mr. Willem Sederel (the Netherlands)
After a 36 year’s career in the chemical industry, Sederel is currently chairman of the Biobased Delta and chair of the Dutch Biorenewables Platform. The latter advises the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs on biobased topics.