BIOECONFIN Tour 2018 - Eastern Europe


Have you ever wondered what the umbrella term bioeconomy means and how it might be  relevant to you? Do you know how innovative ideas in the agri-food sector can take off, reach scale and receive EU funding? 
Register now for the BIOECONFIN tour 14-18 May, during which BioLinX bio-experts Filippo Martinelli and Orsolya Foldesi visit chemical and dairy locations in EasternEurope (Austria, Slovakia, Hungary).

During the visit, you will have the chance to present your company and project to bio-experts. At the same time, you can gain a deeper understanding of the bioeconomy, the current trends and challenges in the field. Moreover, next to BioLinX you will learn about two other succesful EU funded EU funded projects; BIOSKOH and AgriChemWhey

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity if you are:

• looking for ways to valorise the waste of your operations or interested in how you can contribute to the zero-waste operation of other industries;
• seeking contact with researchers and industrial players in your sector from all over Europe;
• interested in finding out more about the bioeconomy and about how you can benefit from being part of it;
• owner of a chemical or dairy location in Eastern Europe, that could be a potential replication site for cutting-edge innovations realised in successful EU funded projects;
• having innovative ideas and looking for partners and funding opportunities to realise them.

Check out the BIOECONFIN magazine for more details on tackling the challenges of innovative bioeconomy.

The projects leading event received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements 709557 and 745719 and 744310. 


Event date: 
Monday, May 14, 2018 to Friday, May 18, 2018
Event type: 

The tour will take place between 14 - 18 May. The two BioLinX experts will be visiting companies according to the following schedule:

14 May  Vienna
15 May  Vienna/Bratislava
16 May  rural area in Slovakia
17 May Hungary (Budapest and rural areas)
18 May rural area in Hungary



Venues according to appointment; experts visit registered companies in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia

Next to BioLinX, partners in this bioeconomy event are: 
BIOSKOH and AgriChemWhey 
Executive BioLinX partner is PNO Consultants.

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Visit this BIOECONFIN webpage for registration.

For more information on the event, or on BioLinX, please contact Filippo Giancarlo Martinelli via