BioLinX Webinar 18 January 2018



On Thursday 18 January at 3 pm, BioLinX offers a free webinar on translating life cycle thinking into quantitative life cycle assessment. The programme consists of two parts, the first focussing on a specific tool that can be used when full Life Cycle Assessment is too time consuming or expensive, The second part dives deep into how Life Cycle Assessment can adjust processes and steer developments in a more sustainable direction. For the full description of the programma, refer to the 'programme' tab.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Part 1 Sustainability Hotspot Scan
Speaker: Elise Boukris

TNO developed the Sustainability Hotspot Scan (SHS) for SMEs  as a first step to estimating the sustainability impact of your products. The Sustainability Hotspot Scan can be used if a full Life Cycle Assessment is too time consuming or expensive. It includes environmental and social impact categories and estimates your impact based on international databases for sustainability hotspots. On a high level the SHS includes the relevant impacts for bio-based products.

The Sustainability Hotspot Scan is free to download during this session a guidance through the tool will be given. 


Part 2 How Life Cycle Assessment can assist in decision making during product development
Speaker: Arjan van Horssen

Life Cycle Assessments are often carried out to compare products, already in the market. However, performing a LCA at an early stage of development offers the opportunity to adjust processes and to steer developments in a more sustainable direction. Lack of data and uncertainties are ‘challenges’ at this early stage. 
The Life Cycle Assessment methodology and corresponding impacts were developed in the fossil era. The introduction of bio- based products was accompanied by new impacts as land and water use. During the webinar all these aspects will be illustrated by examples of recent projects in which bio-based product are developed 

BioLinX projectpartners TNO and Europe Unlimited/Tech Tour are the hosts of the webinar

The speakers during this webinar will be Elise Boukris and Arjan van Horssen, both of BioLinX projectpartner TNO 

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