Fractionation of ligno-cellulosic biomass and cellulose application development



Welcome to a BioLinX brokerage event in the midst of a dynamic biorefinery development cluster. The event is held in conjunction with the 7th workshop on cellulose, regenerated cellulose and cellulose derivatives in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. The brokerage event will offer insights from past and ongoing EU projects on the production, processing and application development for cellulose-based chemicals and materials. The foremost purpose of the event is to build partnership for the realization of a European bioeconomy.

The brokerage event is held in conjunction with the cellulose workshop – a bi-annual event, which brings for the 7th time researchers and industry representatives together to present and discuss research results and trends in the field of Cellulose, Regenerated Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives. It is hosted by Karlstad University and Umeå University and the venue 2016 is Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden.

It is possible to attend both events, or either of the two events separately. Registration for the 7th workshop on cellulose is done separately at and is subject to a registration fee. The BioLinX brokerage event is free of charge.


BioLinX Brokerage Event
BioLinX partnering provides participants with an opportunity to selectively arrange meetings prior to the event. On the basis of offers / requests for technologies, processes, products and financing, it is easy to identify, contact and invite potential cooperation and business partners to an onsite or online meeting. If you do not have the opportunity to meet the participants onsite, no problem, just meet them online. All you need to take part in an online meeting is a telephone and fast web access.


The following steps are necessary for participation in the BioLinX brokerage event:

  1. Register for the BioLinX brokerage event.
  2. Describe your company / organisation, offers and requests.
  3. Specify times when you are available for meetings.
  4. Use the BioLinX search engine to identify suitable meeting partners.
  5. Meeting requests can be sent 4 weeks in advance of the event. Receive requests for a meeting from other participants. Accept or decline requests for meetings by just clicking on a button in your incoming e-mails.
  6. Once an appointment has been automatically confirmed, the BioLinX Alert function instantly informs meeting partners of the meeting time.
  7. For online meetings: BioLinX sends the two participants a clear link. At the scheduled time they click on the link and are transferred to an ssl-secure meeting room. The meeting partners can share content in the online meeting room for a specified time (20 minutes) and communicate with one another via telephone conference. Alternatively they can meet in a telephone or Skype conference.
  8. For onsite face-to-face meetings BioLinX will inform you about the meeting place and time.


Advantages of online partnering

  1. Saves time and costs.
  2. Is location-independent, eliminates unnecessary business trips.
  3. The online partnering format enables experts from all over Europe to participate.
  4. A critical mass of participants is reached much quicker than with pure on-site events.
  5. Makes it quick and simple to pinpoint offers and requests.


Join the BioLinX Brokerage Event and meet potential cooperation partners from across Europe.



Event date: 
Tuesday, November 15, 2016 to Thursday, November 17, 2016


Tuesday November 15th to Wednesday November 16th

7th workshop on cellulose, regenerated cellulose and cellulose derivatives (Subject to registration fee and separate registration and program at


Wednesday November 16th

BioLinX brokerage event (free of charge)

14.00 BioLinX welcome reception

15.00 Site visits to Domsjö Fabriker, SP Processum and MoRe Research

Interesting visit to Dömsjö Fabriker (pulp factory)
left to right: Johanna Ulmanen, Ylva Alonzo (both BioLinX), Lars Jossefson (Advisory Board), 
Dennis van der Pas, Raimo van der Linden (both BioLinX), Caroline Lofgren (Johanneberg Science Park)


19.00 Joint diner, with interactive session

Some outcomes of the interactive session:


Thursday November 17th

08.30 Coffee

09.00 Welcome to RISE & the Biorefinery of the Future

09.10 The BioLinX project

Project pitches

09.25 Short pitches from SP Processum on AgroInLog, ERIFORE, CNC Pilot Plant

09.40 Forst Mehanol

09.50 Mobile Flip

10.00 Biorizon

10.10 Coffee-break

Regional pitches

10.30 Domsjö Fabriker

10.50 Biobased Delta

11.05 The West Sweden Chemicals and Materials Cluster

11.20 The Biobusiness Arena


11.35 Links between bioeconomy clusters for new business

12.30 Lunch





Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.


Register to this event here. You will access the registration form of BioLinX Partnering System. In step 3 of this registration process, please confirm your participation to this event.


For more information please contact Jonas Joelsson (