Partnering platform

BioLinX Partnering enables you to selectively arrange meetings prior to the BioLinX partnering events. On the basis of your offers it is easy to identify, contact and invite potential cooperation partners to an online meeting. The earlier you start your activities online, the better your chances to get in contact with potential cooperation partners. Upload informative descriptions of your expertise, organization and discoveries to the BioLinX partnering platform specifying your offers and requests to best your advantage and to enable potential cooperation partners to rapidly identify your profile. You can start right here


Advantages of BioLinX partnering

  • Combination of onsite and online-meetings possible
  • You can meet experts from across Europe even if you might not have the time to attend a BioLinX workshops onsite. Just meet the participants online.
  • No need to travel if you attend the online meetings only. This saves valuable time and travel costs
  • The online-only format enables experts from across Europe to join the BioLinX partnerings
  • Encourages and allows involvement of colleagues from different departments and offices of your organization in online meetings, enabling quicker opinion-forming


How to find a partner? The search engine
All information in the partnering database, including the attached PDFs and documents, is fully searchable. Access the up-to-date listings of organizations and experts to identify business prospects and networking candidates matching your professional interests and needs. The search section offers you detailed profiles of organizations, experts, their products, services and offers. The search permits you to customise your search by using various filters. E.g. you can filter on:

  • Name of organization, participant, offer
  • Type of organization
  • Country
  • Business model
  • Various bio-economy classifications

The better your profile, the better the contact you will find in the platform.


What do you need to do, create...

...your personal profile
Your personal profile presents your current professional responsibilities and general expertise. It is your online business card, enabling other experts to contact you directly. We kindly invite you to edit the following minimum information before sending your first meeting requests and messages:

  • Expertise (summary description, industry sectors, interest groups, etc.)
  • Position / function (e.g. CEO, CBO, CSO, etc.)
  • Fields of activity (e.g. corporate management, sales & marketing, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Links to your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, google+, …)
  • Business address and communication details
  • ....

Furthermore, you can upload documents, presentations and your personal photo. Upload your personal photo so that other participants can see you in the hit list.


...your corporate profile
Your corporate profile presents an overview of your organization, including its products, services, offers and requests. You can upload brochures and technical documentation to complete it. Your Corporate Profile lists information about:

  • Postal address and communication data
  • Type of organization (e.g. authority, association/cluster, industry, university, etc.)
  • Business model (e.g. manufacturer, supplier, service provider, etc.)
  • Marketing rights offered /sought / in (country classification)
  • Industrial & application sectors (e.g. biological sciences, energy, industrial engineering, materials technology, etc.)
  • Biobased products & services (e.g. biocomposites, biobased chemicals, biofuels, etc.)
  • Feedstock logistics (availability, consistency, tons per year, storage properties, etc.
  • Biobased feedstocks after primary conversion (biogas, lignocellulose, oils & fats, pro-teins, starch & sugars, etc.
  •  …


...and your offers & technologies
This section enables you to promote your offers and technologies to the partnering community. You can create specific online presentations for your offers / technologies and attach pictures, documents, technology descriptions, product information and company brochures. All attached documents (Word, PDF, etc.) will be indexed and searchable. Your Offer & Technology Profiles are displayed in a dedicated search section and they are also displayed in your Personal Profile and your Corporate Profile. Your Offer & Technology profile contains information about:

  • Type of offer/request (product, service, process, etc.)
  • Development status (in research, in development, on the market, etc.)
  • IP status (patent pending, patent granted, patent expired, etc.)
  • Offer/Request available for (manufacturing agreement, sales & marketing, establishing a joint enterprise or partnership, etc.)
  • Relevant to the following industrial & application sectors (industrial manufacturing, materials technology, micro and nanotechnology, etc.)
  • Relevant to the following types of biobased products & services (biocomposites, bio-based chemicals, biofuels, biolubricants, etc.



How does it work? Nothing could be simpler!

  1. Describe your company / organization / discoveries / products in your BioLinX profile
  2. Specify when you have time for partnering meetings
  3. Find potential partners with the user-friendly search engine
  4. Send them a request for a meeting in advance of the BioLinX partnering event
  5. Receive inquiries from other attendees. Accept or decline a meeting with a click
  6. Meet your contacts. BioLinX-Partnering works out the best date and informs you of the time and place (e-mail, SMS)


Step 1: Registration
Register online  at and you will immediately receive an e-mail confirmation. If you do not find an e-mail confirmation, please check your spam filter.
Step 2: Create, publicise your personal & company profile and your offers
Create a comprehensive profile of your company / organisation / offer and technology, using the given classifications and free-text fields. The more detailed your company / organization / offer profile, the easier it will be for other participants to source and contact you. All the information you enter, with the exception of your e-mail address, mobile number and skype address, is searchable by other users. Upload informative descriptions of your company, technologies, products and processes to the BioLinX partnering system to enable potential cooperation and business partners to rapidly identify your profile. Use as many synonyms and acronyms as possible as well as the classifications given to describe your offers and requests to the best advantage.
Step 3: Requests for meetings & effective scheduling

  1. Specify when you have time for partnering meetings and when not
  2. Mark all the times you will be available for 20-minute meetings in your BioLinX partnering calendar. 
  3. Invite interesting business partners to meet you at the BioLinX partnerings
  4. Let the BioLinX partnering search engine work for you to source suitable contacts from the participants attending the BioLinX partnering. If you are interested in meeting the contacts just formulate a brief inquiry and request a meeting using BioLinX partnering’s integrated mailing system.
  5. Specify how you wish to be informed of incoming inquiries
  6. BioLinX partnering will inform you immediately of inquiries, accepted, scheduled and cancelled appointments of your potential meeting partners.
  7. Opt to receive notifications by e-mail or SMS.
  8. Respond to requests for meetings as quickly as possible

Four weeks before the BioLinX partnering events you can already begin to schedule meetings. You can send requests for meetings to other participants of the BioLinX partnering events and will in turn receive inquiries for meetings. Based on your defined time-slots, the system will automatically synchronize the time and place of your appointments. Whenever you accept, decline or cancel an appointment, the BioLinX partnering system will send you and your meeting partner an e-mail or SMS. Please respond to incoming inquiries as quickly as possible. Avoid accumulating heaps of unanswered inquiries. That is not only a matter of politeness, but it serves to boost the effectiveness of this partner brokerage initiative, benefiting you and all the other participants.
Step 4: Agenda & online/onsite meetings

Create your personal agenda
Your personal agenda records all the appointments you enter in the partnering system and gives you an overview of the dates and times of your meetings activities. It’s recommendable to print out your personal agenda for easy reference. You can do so before and during the BioLinX partnering events. This personal organiser is an indispensable tool for your attendance. It goes without saying that you can update your agenda during the BioLinX partnering events whenever you request a meeting or answer incoming inquiries. Set the alert mode so that incoming messages are forwarded to you promptly by e-mail or SMS during the BioLinX partnering event. Only by doing so can you react promptly to new messages.
Stick to your schedule
Your online meetings will take place as a telephone or Skype conference or onsite at various meeting tables. Additionally you can present and discuss your offers in ssl-secured online meeting rooms. Please stick to your appointment schedule. Don’t make your partner wait. If you cannot keep an appointment, cancel it without delay. If all participants follow these four simple steps, BioLinX partnering will maximize your business potential by generating a wealth of qualified new contacts.
If you have any questions concerning BioLinX partnering, please contact
Dr. Andreas Scriba
Telephone: ++49 (0) 69-7564-124